About Construction Soils LIVE

Simple, effective and auditable soil tracking application. Collect and view live data at each stage of the project.

Save time, save money, share resources.

Developed with the benefit of over 20-years’ experience working in UK environmental regulation, CS LIVE supports the construction sector navigate and comply with land quality and waste obligations.

CS LIVE has been designed specifically for Residential & Commercial Developers, and is an invaluable tool for Contractors responsible for managing soil movement on, and between development sites.

Construction Soil Live

What does CS LIVE do?

  • Provides a clear and easy to use interface.
  • Provides an auditable soil tracker and final verification report.
  • Live visual reference to soil movements, volumes and destinations during the project.
  • Allows multiple company users under one office license.
  • Allows multiple contractors and consultants to securely access and manage individual sites at different stages of the project.
  • Built in watch points provide guidance and recommendations.

All included in the annual license fee.

Resource Sharing Map

The map is accessible to all users to share and find clean naturally occurring soils and aggregates close to each development site. Easy to opt in or out of sharing with one click for each site:

  • Advertise surplus material
  • Reduce haulage costs
  • Promote sustainable soil reuse
  • Reduce unnecessary disposal costs
Construction Soil Live


Please select a easy to use yearly contract and check back for more options.

  • CSLive
  • One Office license* multiple users
  • Secure interface
  • Customised area with company logo for personalised reporting
  • Annual license fee £3,500 plus VAT

  • Sign Up
  • CSLive Updates
  • Made ground & remediated soil tracker
  • Annual sustainability reporting
  • Multi office sustainability reporting
  • Soil haulage & reuse CO2 calculator
  • Coming Soon

* To operate as an auditable soil tracker the license address must match the office address included on planning decision notices & material management plans (for multi area companies, each Divisional office will need a separate license). If you would like to purchase licenses for more than 5 Divisional offices at once, please contact info@constructionsoils.co.uk for a quote.


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